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High quality.

Optima Consulting has conducted business since 1998, providing consulting services
on workplace safety. Technical experts employed by Optima Consulting,
who possess extensive field experience,
provide a wide range of services,
including technical consulting, training, auditing and management
of dedicated safety and environmental protocols.
Optima Consulting - L'azienda
Optima Consulting - L'azienda
Optima Consulting - L'azienda

Risk reduction to
benefit the organisation.

Consulting services concern corporate organisation, temporary and mobile construction sites,
industries, and services for the application of principles established by Italian Legislative Decree 81/08
and professional training on safety.

In every situation we possess the expertise required to select the necessary skills through an extensive network of contacts
in order to propose the right professional for the right place, and we manage said competencies with a reliable organised approach.

Optima Consulting srl   Servizi e Consulenze per la Sicurezza e l'Ambiente di Lavoro

Sede legale Via Quasimodo, 4 · 20017 Rho (MI)   Sede Operativa e Amministrativa Viale Marche, 66 · 20159 Milano (MI)
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